When donors make your day!



I recently sent out a direct mail appeal to raise funds for our summer activities and I blogged about spending the time to hand sign each letter. After being away from the office for a week, I came back on Monday to a wonderful desk full of responses and donations!

Among these replies were some truly fantastic comments from our supporters. It really does make all the difference when donors are connected with you and your cause and I wanted to share some of their positivity! One donor even gave their first donation since 1996! It was such a delightful start to the week and I can’t wait to send them all hand written thank you letters letting them know how much their support is appreciated!

‘I hope they enjoy your activity days as much as my son enjoyed your activity weeks!’

 ‘Working in fundraising myself I understand how hard it can be to get a direct mail right and I thought this one was excellent. Quantifiable ask and difference to the beneficiaries – I hope you reach your target!’

‘Remembering the wonderful time our daughter (now aged 48) had on an Afasic holiday many years ago!’  

‘You were there for us when no one else was, now he can speak!!! I will always remember!’

Donor relationships are so important – have you got some positive stories to share? Has negative feedback on your fundraising ever led to a good relationship with a supporter? Let me know your experiences by commenting below!

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