Ways to thank your donors

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Thanking donors is essential if you want to keep them! By thanking donors properly and reporting back on the impact and importance of their gift, you are more likely to receive additional gifts in the future!

If you are stuck for inspiration on ways to thank your donors, here are some of my favourite ways to say thank you;

  1. Hand-written thank you letters
  2. Picking up the phone and genuinely thanking them for their generosity without asking again
  3. Emailing them a quick update on the project they have helped make possible
  4. Inviting them to an event/to see our work in action/ to come to our office for a coffee
  5. Inviting them to be interviewed for your newsletter on why they give (many decline but like to be asked)
  6. Sending them hand-made photo cards of beneficiaries using our services
  7. Thanking them again after 1 year of giving
  8. Calling them to acknowledge when their regular gift has reached a significant amount (e.g. £1000)

Have you got any other ways you like to thank your donors? Do share them with me in the comments!

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