Do something you’ve never done, get results you’ve never had!


I love this quote and think about this in my day to day life all of the time. But, more recently, I’ve been applying this to my work as a fundraiser! So many boards (including my own) are risk averse, scared to change and ultimately, charities are failing because of it! (Failing OR are stagnant, unmoving, unchanging and not developing!)

So many charity boards are investing the same amount of money into the same projects and activities every year and yet are expecting different results. They are expecting more cash to be raised, but won’t invest in new fundraising. They are expecting a wider reach, but won’t support a change in approach. They are expecting success but will not provide the support, tools or action that will create success.

Therefore, so many of us are held to account because results aren’t changing, but without the support we need to create change, the results will always stay the same!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!

Trustees need to be brave, need to invest in the futures of their organisations and lead change from the top down!

*Don’t get me wrong, we each have a role to play here and as individuals, we can have some impact in results but for real and significant change and growth to happen, it must come from the top!

Have you ever experienced a charity that isn’t developing? Have you got experience in overcoming this and seeing change happen? Do let me know, I’d love to hear your stories!


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