3 ways to WOW your donors

giphy (74).gif

WOW your donors today!
1. Send them a thank you card FOR NO REASON. Not a letter, just a hand-written card that shows you know when they last gave, how much they last gave and what their donation made possible.
Why is this a WOW? Because it shows you actually know and care about them!

2. Ask a member of your board to call a donor. Just to give an update on how things are going and have a friendly chat (as well as thank them for helping make it all happen!)
Why is this a WOW? Because, donors feel special when a board member calls. They are not a fundraiser, they are someone who really cares about the work going on and donors love that!

3. Invite them to a non-fundraising event celebrating all the work they’ve made possible this year.
Why is this a WOW? Because donors want to see first hand what they have helped create. They get to meet beneficiaries and they don’t feel obliged to get their cheque-books out!

Have you got a favourite way to WOW your donors? Comment below and let me know what it is!

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