FOTF turns one!

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One year ago, I was assessing my personal development and looking for that next step in my fundraising journey and I decided to create Flight of the Fundraiser!

I wanted to create a platform for discussing lessons I had learnt, ideas I had and questions that I felt needed answering surrounding the fantastic world of fundraising. I truly love blogging about fundraising and I am so thrilled that I have also been able to share that platform with other incredible and inspiring fundraisers through guest blogs.

One year on, I have learnt so much and am enjoying blogging more than I could possibly have imagined. So, thank you for sharing this incredible first year with me. I can’t wait to see where we are in another year!

And to celebrate the year gone by, let’s take a backward glance at the blogs you have enjoyed reading the most!

1. It’s time for charities to focus on their staff as well as beneficiaries – A guest blog by Lizzi Hollis

2. Cultivation pays

3. What buying my first home taught me about fundraising

4. Customer Service Expectations from the Horse’s Mouth – A guest blog by Jolene Retallick!

5. Treat donors as people, not ATMs!

6. Is this fundraising? (and other important questions)

What has been your favourite thing about Flight of the Fundraiser? I would love to get your feedback!

Trust the vision



Trust the vision is something I say a lot, both personally and professionally. Personally, because when I was recently decorating, everyone questioned my colour scheme of blue and yellow. Blue and yellow is a great combo and I knew it would work, yet whenever I told anyone, I got a variety of questionable grimaces. My own mother made an ‘ERGHHH’ sound when I started painting a blue wall.

However, I kept telling them to ‘trust the vision’ because I knew and could visualise that this would work. And since finishing my decorating, everyone that comes to visit says how nice it looks and that I have great decorative vision. *takes a bow*

The fundraising lesson here is that many people in charitable organisations don’t understand fundraising. Therefore, they reject it, make ‘ERGH’ sounds, grimace at you ‘the evil fundraiser’ and on the whole do not see the vision behind raising money. My advice here would be to tell people to ‘trust the vision of fundraising’.

Staff and Trustees need to trust that YOU the professional fundraiser, know what needs to be done to achieve certain financial and engagement goals. That they, the project staff, admin support or website editor, are not fundraising professionals, and therefore cannot see that while your fundraising may sound crazy like blue and yellow together, when complete it will achieve the unique beauty of success for your organisation. More funding, more donors, more income equals more fantastic outcomes!

Trust the vision and remember that blue and yellow fundraising is what works!