Why you can’t fake #donorlove

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Donor love is simple. It’s a genuine quest to demonstrate to your donors how much you appreciate them. If you want to see higher retention rates and have a more engaged group of donors, practice donor love.

Phone your donors, write them a love letter, send them a delighter. Make them feel worthy and show them that you mean it when you say that they are important to you.

I’ve drawn on the similarities between dating and fundraising before…

This time though, I’ll be clear that you can’t pretend to love your donors. In the same way that you shouldn’t tell someone you love them if you don’t mean it, you shouldn’t treat your donors that way either.

If you are going to practice donor love, be genuine, be real, make it emotional, live it.

Getting someone’s name wrong, mixing up appointments, messaging the wrong person or heaven forbid being a fundraising cheat and giving donor love to someone else digitally while ignoring another donor in front of you… this is not donor love. This is fake, and donors see through it and tire quickly.

Practice donor love well and you will have the hearts and minds of your donors. Don’t and you will leave a bitter taste in their mouth.

What’s your favourite way to show a donor you care?