Why you should be friends with other fundraisers!


So you’ve nailed a wonderful fundraising position in a fantastic org! Amazing! In an ideal world, you’ll be surrounded by other inspirational and driven fundraisers from whom you can garner all kinds of nuggets of fundraising wisdom! But what if you work in a tiny team? Or even in a solo team? Who is there to bounce an idea around with? Who can you turn to to complain about how your colleagues just don’t get fundraising?

Being friends with other fundraisers is one of the most valuable things you can do as a fundraiser. They relate to your struggles and wins in ways your colleagues sometimes just can’t. Fundraisers tread similar paths within their organisations and overcome many of the same obstacles you will face along the way. Having a group of fundraising friends provides a unique support network of like-minded individuals who are more than likely going to be thrilled to spend an evening chatting with you about what’s going on in your fundraising department.

Over the years I’ve met up with fundraisers to discuss how to tackle Trustee relationships, to proof read my latest Direct Mail appeal, to have a moan about that one colleague that seems to have a chip on their shoulder especially just for me. But I’ve also met with them to celebrate their wins, launch their newly founded charities, give them advice on things I have experience in and be the listening ear that they need too.

Fundraisers are some of the most generous people I’ve ever come across, giving up their time to freely offer advice and support to others. So if you’re feeling lost, alone or like you just want to chat to someone who might give you a second opinion on your latest project, ask a fundraiser to meet you for drinks!

I’ve met some of my favourite people through fundraiser socials, connecting on twitter or just chatting at fundraising training days. And they have led to some incredible friendships, opportunities for development and introductions to even more incredible charity folk! (I have several exciting projects happening this year all down to being friends with these fabulous people! Keep your eyes peeled!)

If you don’t know where to start, have a look on facebook for ‘fundraising chat’ the closed group specifically for advice and support for fundraisers, by fundraisers. Then do a search on twitter for #fundraiser on the people section and just start following!

This blog post is a tribute to my fundraiser friends and all of the support, advice and love they have given and continue to give! I couldn’t do what I do without you and I certainly wouldn’t be blogging or speaking at conferences without you! Thank you x

Who are your favourite fundraising friends?

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