The implied undertone of fundraising

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To set the scene, I had a great donor meeting one day and was feeling quite pleased with myself after securing a donation for my charity. A friend messaged me to ask how my day had been and I excitedly replied that it had been great and that I had raised some money. This friend then replied with ‘Whoa what did you have to do to get that donation?’…

My reply… ‘My JOB’.

I am still flabbergasted that there is this implied undertone that as a fundraiser, I couldn’t possibly raise money without resorting to seedy behaviour in order to get results. I couldn’t possibly be trained in making asks or have years of experience behind me. Nope. I must simply relinquish my integrity and only then could I stand any chance of raising money for a charity that does wonderful work.


I refuse to accept that I am being over-sensitive or that I should laugh off such comments. Being a fundraiser is a wonderful job, we enable people to be connected with causes that they care about in a real and significant way. Fundraisers, in my experience, are full of integrity and empathy and are truly wonderful people that want to see the fruits of their efforts impacting the cause that they work so hard for.

Can we please end this implied undertone that fundraising is a dirty word, a necessary evil performed by people with no morals, that will do anything to get a donation. It is simply untrue and the more we call people out on this misconception, the better for everyone in our sector.

Have you ever faced this kind of comment or misconception? How did you handle it?