Get in front of your work

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Us fundraisers can sometimes be guilty of talking about all the wonderful things our charities do, without actually seeing these things in action. I recently attended a weekend event run by my charity where I was able to witness our work in action. It was inspiring, I managed to bring a donor into the fold too (some #donorlove right there) and I felt more connected to our beneficiaries than I ever have before.

After this event, I was able to write more eloquently on our impact, I got real quotes from beneficiaries about how much they enjoyed the event and I genuinely think my fundraising has and will continue to improve as a result.

Get in front of your work. Whether that’s volunteering at an event your organisation is running, going to meet beneficiaries, meeting the programmes staff or just spending a day in a different department at your organisation. Do it. By feeling closer to your work you will instantly improve your storytelling, your messages will be stronger and ultimately your fundraising will benefit.